Assembly lines

Metrica works in close collaboration with the main production line integrators for the automotive industry, carrying out the integrated design of automatic lines, semi-automatic lines and adapting existing lines.

Our extensive experience in industrialisation and our specific know-how of this industry with its highly stringent quality standards, enables us to participate in a wide variety of projects, designing assembly lines for moving parts such as rear hatches, roofs, bonnets, doors, wheel arches and fixed parts such as pillars, longitudinal members, stiffeners and cross members. We integrate all types of processes in workstations, such as spot welding, arch welding, clinching, riveting, application of decals, seaming, computer vision, etc.

Starting off with the plant layout and the 3D model of the product to be industrialised Metrica designs the various workstations, tooling, manipulators and claw end effectors that robot lines require.

We deliver integrated line designs with all the necessary technical documentation for manufacturing and assembly in compliance with the design standards of the builder (Volkswagen, Ford, Seat, Opel, Audi, etc.)

Some examples of automatic lines developed by Metrica:

  • Bonnet and rear hatch assembly line. SEAT TOLEDO
  • Bonnet and rear hatch assembly line. SKODA RAPID
  • Rear hatch assembly line. SEAT LEON
  • Rear longitudinal member assembly line. NISSAN MURANO
  • Dash panel assembly line. OPEL ASTRA

Automation line projects

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