Industrial equipment design

Today’s industrial equipment manufacturers demand increasingly better products, products that are more competitive, more reliable and that perform better. All of this occurs in a dynamic, constantly-changing market where only the most capable players can adapt to these conditions.

Metrica offers a wide range of modelling, simulation, display and communication tools, making it the perfect partner to meet these new challenges. At the same time, we provide resources, capacity and personalised solutions that afford our customers the flexibility and support their Technical Departments require for their business activity.

We work closely and collaboratively in the design and development of our customers’ industrial equipment. This collaboration includes any part or element of industrial equipment: frames, moving parts, fixed parts, structures, protective housings, brackets, electro-pneumatic and hydraulic systems, sensors etc.

Our experience in industrial product design includes equipment as diverse as cranes, generators, lifts, boilers, platforms, vehicles and presses, to name but a few.

Projects of industrial equipment

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