Integrated design

Integrated design is a concept in which the combination of creativity, experience and technical know-how gives rise to the creation of new products, helping our customers to obtain new market shares. Metrica provides integrated product design, which includes all of the following major design phases:

  • Conceptual design that allows alternative designs to be generated based on an initial idea and on preliminary specifications in which the customer’s needs and objectives are taken into account. Initial designs and drawings are generated using creative techniques such as brainstorming, Triz, Ishikawa, or other similar methods.
  • Virtual CAD definition of the product based on the chosen concept and using sophisticated CAD tools that provide quicker, more accurate designs.
  • Design optimisation by carrying out a mechanical analysis of the virtual design to check its strength and safety.

  • Creation of a physical prototype to verify the behaviour, aesthetic appearance and functionality of the design.
  • Design optimisation involving a process and injection analysis that reveals any possible defects and problems in the parts designed.
  • Monitoring of production of the first series and unit parts.

As part of its engineering services at the integrated design stage, Metrica considers all aspects involved in the development of a new product such as, for example, its aesthetic appearance, its ergonomics, manufacturability, applicable regulations and the solutions it can provide for the market.

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