In the design of the interior of a railway vehicle, builders are well aware that aspects such as accessibility, mobility, comfort and safety are determining factors in the success of a project. Choosing an engineering firm like Metrica, which is specialised in the industry, is a guarantee for builders that their technical specifications will be perfectly implemented and that all of the objectives will be achieved, to the benefit of the end customers: the passengers.

In line with the project specifications, Metrica actively participates alongside the manufacturer in the interior design of their railway vehicles. Our designers’ and engineers’ experience and track record in interiors means that we are able to undertake integrated projects for any type of railway and its component parts, both cab cars and passenger cars.

Metrica’s work includes all of the amenities required by railways of these characteristics, such as: coverings, floors, centre and side roofs, luminaires, partition walls and screens, seats, luggage compartments, trap-doors, driving positions, doors, luggage racks, platforms, cab and lounge doors, entry doors, gangway bellows, handles, control desks, bicycle racks, etc.

Metrica carries out interior design projects for all types of railway vehicles, such as: trams, light rail, metro, suburban, regional and long-distance trains, high-speed trains and cable cars.

Interior design projects

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