Tooling and control gauges

With its experience in mechanical design, Metrica provides integrated services with turnkey solutions for production tooling, assembly workstations and gauges for different industries, especially the automotive and railway industries.

Depending on customers’ requirements, we design tooling that, with quick changeovers, can produce several references, thus optimising production. We assess our customers bearing in mind production rates, units to be produced, unit costs and the cost of tooling, as well as studying the production process and its feasibility.

Metrica also designs individual assembly workstations or automatic check stations, where the operator carries out the assembly of all the components and the tooling then tests correct assembly and operation of the product using electronic or computer vision systems.

We also provide dimension control gauges and callipers to improve quality and control processes. With our designs it is possible to control several product references at the same time by means of quick changeovers.

Along with callipers we provide a detailed dimensional report and all the documentation needed for use and maintenance.

Some examples of industrialisation projects undertaken by Metrica:

  • Railway tooling; body tooling for body ends, sides, roofs, frames, body bolsters, transport trolleys and mounting of equipment, tilters and assembly tools.
  • Automotive tooling: welding tooling for MIG, CO2 spot and laser welding. Tooling for moving parts (bonnet, rear hatch, roof and doors), tooling for fixed parts (longitudinal members, stiffeners, cross members and bumpers), assembly workstation for VOLVO front sun visor, JAGUAR front and rear consoles and AUDI roof elements, control gauges for blowing ducts injection tanks.
  • Tooling for other industries: O.P. frame former, heliostat tool, carpet former, medical syringe cartoner, crane chassis former and assembly workstation for DEUTZ afterburner, amongst others.

Projects of tooling and gages

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