Injection Process Analysis

In the area of the design of plastic parts, our Product Department has extensive experience in injection process analysis, which allows any possible problems or defects in designed parts to be anticipated and prevented. This engineering service can assess the viability of the design and the production of the mould quickly and at a low cost. With this technology we are able to carry out a two-phase virtual analysis of the flow of melted plastic during the injection process:

Model analysis:

  • Validation of the design of the part and its manufacturability.
  • Definition of filling points.
  • Prediction of defects; bubbles, warping, shrinkage, welding lines, etc.
  • Validation of preliminary design of mould and its cooling system.

Injection analysis:

  • Simulation and optimisation of filling cycle (Injection paramenters).
  • Cooling analysis.
  • Monitoring of mould manufacture and first samples.

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