Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is an engineering service that allows new designs to be built using already existing physical models that are captured by 3D scanning devices. Non-contact 3D scanning, with modern portable image-collection equipment, means that Metrica engineers can create high-precision virtual models of any product, regardless of its size.

The scanner obtains a mesh of points of object’s surface in real time. The surfaces are then processed to obtain solid surfaces from which a new model is configured based on the initial one. CAE simulations can be applied to the new model and a physical prototype can be created if needed.

This technology has a wide variety of applications in industry:

  • Scale models
  • Inspection and quality
  • Reproduction of existing parts
  • Reproduction of installations
  • Reproduction of structures
  • Metrology

By applying reverse engineering we are able to simplify our work, increase our effectiveness and achieve maximum performance, to the advantage of our customers.

We invite you to join this project, we know and benefit from the solutions we offer.

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